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Friday, April 23, 2010

A 'Boobie" Blog

OK, I know its been a while but life has been crazy and sometime it feels like I'm just along for the ride. I guess  I need a trigger in order to get my creative juices flowing and  it happened while I went to take a shower.  I shed most of my clothes and went into the bathroom where I proceeded to divest myself of my bra.  OMG there was a big red thing inside my bra - kind of like a smartie on steroids.  I thrust it away from me and stared.  It was a bead - Product no# 00809, a bright cherry red rondelle to be more specific.  So now it's not enough that I dream of beads every night, I have to find them in my underwear as well.  Even scarier was that I never even felt it in there.

Received a nice gift on Sunday - started with a sore throat and now it is a lovely head cold, but I have certainly had worse so am suffering through it in silence.  I am slurping up chicken soup as I sit here and while its not the best I ever had it is better than nothing.  I should be right as rain in a couple of days.

Is anyone out there an Idol fan like us.  My personal favorite is Crystal but Lee is a very close second.  I think that even if Crystal wins they won't be able to take the country out of her, and that's a good thing.   She has a certain quality about her that I love. Thank goodness that goofy guy Tim Urban was finally booted off .  It was quite the show last night when you think about it.  Went from a glitzy production with a 'pea' in a sequined bathing suit prancing around the stage to an African man making coffins.  The statistics of the hungry in America are staggering and I doubt that they are any better in Canda.

I'm looking out my window at the beautiful tree ready to blossom and think that it was a year ago when I posted the picture of it in bloom.  Actually my landlord had most of it hacked off last year for some reason so I'm hoping it hasn't lost all of its grandeur.  So much has happened within a year and yet it seems like yesterday.

We have really met some wonderful people through our business - beaders are an amazing breed, not to mention that everyone  loves our finished products.  It really is validating and heart warming.  Last week while I was having a mamogram, my boob in the vise, the technician noticed my pandi bracelet and just loved it.  When I was able to free my boob I gave her my card!

We have made so many new friends from all over and feel blessed.  I think  that tough times brings out the best in people and many of our customers are starting secondary businesses by designing and selling handmade jewelry.

... So I am into another day with this damn cold - you always forget how awful it is until you get it again.  I haven't slept in two nights and feel like a zombie, but think I am now on the upswing. I have been trying to drink hot drinks - something I never do after my morning coffee.  That means I need 'danish' to accompany the said hot drink.  That is the only cold perk I can think of.

I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy the spring weather and watch out for people carrying germs.

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