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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So I have survived my first blog. I guess you noticed the name change but there is so much to bitch about and only so much beading. Gail and I love to bitch almost as much as we love to bead.
So, someone informed me that the word ' blog' came from 'web log'. Who decided that it should be 'blog' and not 'wog'. It sounds pretty catchy to me......hum, I think I 'll go do some wogging now, or what should I say on my next wog?
It took a while to get the blog- wog up and running but things are running smoother now. I have to learn how make the comments show up at the bottom instead of in the side box.
Someone also told me that the background is too dark so I lightened it up a bit. She also complained about the spelling so I will use spellcheck from now on so as not to offend anyone's grammar sensibilities!
You may or may not know - depends who is reading this, that we will be moving at the end of the month. What a job that is. Our beautiful beads are really heavy - luckily we hired movers, who will probably end up with hernias after this move. Hope they have insurance!

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