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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sissy's First Blog

O.K.! Lets Blog!!! So last night I am lying in bed, in the basement with all the lovely beads (and dust) feeling the pressure of writing on our blog. So I am thinking - blog - funny word.....what if we used it as a substitute for the F word? Shut the blog up! Blog You! What the blog should I do now? You bloggin idiot! Naa, doesn't really work.

As I type I am wearing one of my beautiful Pandi bracelets - a pink and green combo. Yesterday I adorned my wrist with a stunning bracelet of turquoise and silver. I can't wait to move and get all set up so that I can start creating gorgeous pieces of jewelry. I also intend on adding new pictures to the Design Gallery as well as a new page strictly for Pandi jewelry and accessories. I will try though, to take pix of the ones that I am currently creating and posting it on the blog for everyone to appreciate.

Only 13 more days until the big move. I know this because I check off each day on my calendar. I guess you could say that I can't wait to move! Sissy and I are almost all packed, except for the thousands of beads downstairs. I can honestly say that I do not look forward to packing up those beads! What a job, and I can't put it off for much longer otherwise we will be in the new house and they won't - unfortunately not an option!

Well Sissy and I are still in one piece and have not killed each other yet, although yesterday morning it came pretty close. Luckily I let it roll off me like water off a duck. We decided to take a break yesterday and did a little shopping. My pants size went up again. Blog, Blog, Blog! I also purchased T-shirts - from the men's department. Who the hell can fit into those T's at the Gap, unless you a pre-prubescent teen. Certainly not moi. Sissy also decided that we would eat a non-fattening lunch. I was really dreaming of fries but agreed to a sub. What was that florescent orange crap on the inside top of the bread anyways. My guess is melted Cheese Whiz, even though I specified NO CHEESE! I thought it was revolting and managed to choke down most of it. In order to make up for this lunch disaster we treated ourselves to an ice cream at snack time.

I have to admit I wrote a much longer blog but Sissy made me delete it. Something about court and lawyers. So this is it for now. For my first blog I think that it turned out o.k.! More to come so watch for it.

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