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Monday, September 28, 2009

Let it Bead!

Well, Gail told me I have to sit down and write the blog this time. No more futsing around - people are asking where is it already. Apparently our blog is great reading. I am certainly not going to cross her - she just might get angry and stop writing altogether - and there goes our laugh for the week.

The problem is, Gail always writes about things that piss her off, and frankly, I am more the type of person who looks at the glass and thinks it is half full rather than half empty - hence I am not really upset about too much right now.

First off, Gail neglected to mention our wonderful supper we had a couple of Sundays ago with P & B! P was amazing when we moved in - she hung up all the blinds in the house and helped move over stuff. She even has a tool belt and impressed my landlady no end. Actually B came over one night to help her hang the really big blinds and while I thought fisticuffs might break out, they are wonderful people - and good eaters. Supper was licious ( I never bother with the 'de') and we ate like N1H1. Thanks P & B, we never could have done it all without you! I have posted some pictures which were taken in the back garden of Mt. Sinai Hospital Center in Montreal. This is an amazing residence which is home to patients who need 24/7 care, pallative patients, and people who visit for a couple weeks with respiratory illnesses. My brother has been a long term care resident there for 19 years now, and while it has its problems, it also has many wonderful aspects to it.

We often sit out in the garden - it even has swings which can accomodate wheelchairs. The only problem is - you guessed it - flying insects with stingers. Poor Gail - she runs all over the place like a mad woman and people think she is wacky. My brother knows she is wacky and laughs at her - while the yellow jackets ( we can no longer call them wasps) are flying around my brother's face. Yech. We figure that Gail must have had a bad experience with them in a previous life. It is actually funny to see people's faces who don't know her. Don't get me wrong, I am not that crazy about them either - if they are on me I get a bit freaked out, but nothing like the sis. The garden has a large pond filled with fish - koi I think - and they grow larger each year.
It is very relaxing to watch them swim around, though I often get the urge to reach in and grab one. Why, I am not sure but it looks like fun.

Fall is here with a vengence - we are now experiencing a whole week of rain, and after our recent run of warm, sunny weather, we are spoiled. Still, the trees are turning and the flowers seem more brilliant than ever, so I am doing my best to enjoy the beauty and not think of what's ahead.
The news is starting to scare me - all this H1N1 stuff (my friend calls it the hi-knee flu).(See the picture of what happens when you wake up in the morning with the flu). I think that Quebec will finally get the vaccine AFTER the peak is well over with. What kind of sense does that make? Most of us will have either had it or won't get it anyway. They also announced that we cannot get the regular flu vaccine since it will make the hi-knee flu worse! OY. Me thinks I will not go out for the next month or two - I will stock up on food like Gail made us do when they had the Year 2000 scare. We had enough tuna to stock a super market.

We are expecting new beads soon and have added pandies (pandora-style beads) to the new "On Sale" department. There are some really great buys there so check it out. We are also making up lots of Pandie bracelets which have been selling like hotcakes. They make great Christmas and Chanukah gifts. We still have not chosen a new blog site so please put up with this one for a while longer. Lots of complaints - sheesh - but finding a new one is extremely time-consuming - there are thousands out there!

I will leave you all with a word of warning however - don't buy really large bars of soap - they are a health hazard. I dropped one on my toe this week and nearly broke it. So be forewarned. So long from beadland, and don't forget to visit us at and take a look at what's On Sale!

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Anonymous said...

Well, you've come clean. But just for the record B & P NEVER fight...we have discussions. And, yes, we are good eaters when we are with good feeders. You two are great cooks. Yum, yum. I need some clarification on your Apple Cake recipe. I want to make it this weekend. Where the hell did you get the photo of the H1N1 victim???