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Monday, September 14, 2009

They Say its your Birthday!

They say it’s your birthday, we’re going to have a good time, they say it’s your birthday, happy birthday to you!

Who doesn’t know those famous lyrics? As I listen to those inspirational words I am instantly stimulated to sit down and write another blog. Karen (my friend said enough with the Sissy) was one of many who read with great anticipation about the release of the complete works of the Beatles albums, digitally enhanced!! Anyways, Wednesday afternoon, she says to me “Let’s go and get the new Beatles albums!” Secretly, I knew it was a ploy not to have to work but I did not let on. Instead I said “sure, let’s go!” and we were spurred into action. Karen called the HMV in the shopping centre and the girl told her that all the boxed sets were already gone, she indeed had the albums but they were going fast, most probably wouldn’t have any left by the end of the day. Yikes! We didn’t even have time to pee, we grabbed our purses, a couple of mints (for the energy) and took off. While we were in the car Karen cautioned me and gave me my instructions. We go in, we fight our way through the crowds and I was to grab 6 albums, and she would take 7 others. O.K. I was pumped. Being 4’10” there is nothing more I like better than to weasel my way through crowds of tall people. I can push and shove with the best of them, I am fearless. I can inflict pain if need be. I WANTED those albums, I NEEDED those albums. I just could not live a minute longer without those albums. In we went. Our gaze did not waiver. We were on a mission – no temptation thrown in our path would have swayed us – not ice cream, not a store window filled with the new Fall collections – NADA!

We stormed into the store – the empty store – and quickly made our way to the collection of albums. Crouched down, we grabbed one of each selection. As we turned around (still on the floor) there was a sweet little baby boy just standing there and staring at us. Interestingly enough, very often little children notice that we look alike, as he did. I did a little “Hi Sweetie, aren’t you cute and tickled his tummy! He just stood there staring at us, looking at Karen, looking at me. After about 5 minutes of doing this exercise he promptly burst into tears. Needless to say, both of us were a little insulted at his behaviour. We do not consider ourselves scary enough to inspire tears but apparently we are! The mother promptly picked him up and whisked him away – not soon enough, apparently. We then proceeded to get up into a standing position which took a while, and sifted through our find of albums.

We made our selection and then of course had to do a quick run-through of the shopping centre.

I don’t know if you have ever visited Google’s Street View, but it is really fascinating. You can visit different cities across the globe. I personally wouldn’t base booking a trip on the two streets that you can see in any given city, but it is really quite something and held my interest for about 15 minutes as I visited some bridge in Japan and a couple of stores in Waco Texas.

As we listen to the Fab Four, my question to you is “How much dope do I have to smoke before I can figure out what the song Me and My Monkey is about?” And I am almost sure that the song about Mother Superior jumping the gun is sexual. But I sure can’t figure it out. Maybe if you substitute gun for priest, it would make more sense.

Saturday evening we went out with two wonderful friends for a great Chinese dinner and then back to our house for dessert. One of my favourites is an Apple Crumble, not because of the apples, but because of the crumble – or should I say brown sugar! I love sugar, I eat it right out of the container. So any chance I get to use it in baking, I take it! We didn’t buy ice cream to accompany the pie only because one of our friends is lactose intolerant. She was the first to say o.k when the subject was brought up, but the idea was quickly vetoed. Although they had not met before (well they actually did but did not realize it until last night) they hit it off beautifully. We are all very spiritually “aware” and it was a pretty fascinating conversation. We also made a gorgeous Pandora style bracelet for Miss B in black, pink, white and silver as a gift for her 50th birthday.

On the business end of things, we are busy putting together Pandora bracelets, necklaces and key chains. They make great gifts! We will be starting to sell them very shortly, and will also be doing Pandora parties. If anyone is interested in hosting a party just let us know! Karen and I are also planning to give workshops on the basics of jewelry making.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine you both in combat gear, ready to do serious damage to whoever dared to get in your you stormed the nearly empty store! Anything for the Beatles music and a trip down memory lane to easier times. Hopefully, you did not take any ropes of beads with you. I would hate to think any damage could be done to those beauties!