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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Time and the Living is Too Hot

One of my customers came by yesterday and told me that she loved our blog and I sort of feel guilty that we haven't posted anything in over one YEAR!!  For those of you who enjoy our posts we are so sorry.

Where to begin.....well yesterday we took a walk to a nearby park.  It has ducks and to these city girls, they qualify as exotic birds. While walking the trail we spotted a bird which I thought was an owl - but its face wasn't flat enough.  Along the trail came a man with his two kids and we pointed out the bird and the man whipped out his phone and looked it up - it was a FALCON! Talk about exotic birds.  I wrote to Dr. David Bird, a well-known bird expert in Montreal (not kidding about the name either) and it could be a falcon, so of course we went back today ( armed with a camera) and couldn't find it again.  But we were loaded down with bread for the ducks who had to fight with the gulls to get their share, even with the two of us screeching and flapping our hands at the gulls to butt out.  We never go without food though after our episode in the spring.
We decided to go for a walk and Gail said 'Let's bring the ducks some food' but of course I said 'no, let's just GO, they don't need any more food.'  So off we went empty handed and there was mama duck with a whole brood of baby duckies.  She came up to us and waited and waited - nada.  While we started walking away she came out of the water quacking mad and chasing (who else) Gail.  Gail was running with the mama and babies chasing her while screaming ' It's Karen's fault, she wouldn't let me bring you any food".

We have been doing lots of arts and crafty things - see pictures of a fringed and painted TV table, dresser which we bought at a second hand store and repainted,  Gail's horse stool which she decoupaged and named Harley, and an interesting piece of jewellery or two which we put together along the way.

Business-wise, as many of you know, we have put all our stock that is NOT Pandora-style beads and accessories on Liquidation Prices. This would include all lamp work beads, faceted, Tibetan-style beads, glass pendants, wood and acrylic beads and much more that I can't think of at this moment.Naturally they are being snapped up by bead enthusiasts and we advise all interested customers to HURRY UP and check out the site -
We are constantly re-stocking our shelves with new Pandora-style beads and have added shambhala bracelets and earrings to our finished products inventory.  We will be adding some new items shortly as well so keep posted to our site.

Oh yeah - I can't sign off without telling you about Gail's WASP - or as they are now referred to - yellow-jackets - sting.  If you have read our older blogs you will know that Gail is petrified of bees and wasps (and almost anything that flies).  We were taking a walk and halfway home she said OW OW I think something bit me.  I just looked at her.  But she said that something bit her on the shoulder and her back was starting to hurt and it probably was a bee or wasp.  I suggested we stop by the clinic which was on our way since I sure as hell didn't want to have deal with any stinger.  Sure enough, Doc said it was a wasp (Y-J)  bite but no stinger was left inside so all was well.  He asked if she was allergic ( stupid question because if she was by that time she would probably be dead) and to take an antihistamine if it starts to itch. My brother and I though it was kind of funny that she ended up getting bitten, she of all people.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer - I know it has been hot and hope that drought- stricken areas receive rain soon. 

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