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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tisket a Tassel

Hi all,

Hot,hot,hot - just like the song!  40 degress on the humidex and rising.  How come they never wrote a song humid, humid, humid - cuz it's not very sexy-sounding I guess.  But I'm not complaining since it's better than snow.  All Quebers say that so we don't sound like we are ALWAYS whining and complaining about the weather.

Anywhoooo what's new around these parts - just had the U2 concert this past weekend and I live not too far away from the site and was able to hear the  whole thing.  Actually I was sitting on the throne thinking 'here I am sitting on the toilette  (say it with a french accent, it sounds less vulgar for some reason) and I am listening to BONO' LIVE!  When will that ever happen again in my lifetime.   Probably never. Where did the name BONO come from anyway? ( I always think of Boner when I hear it - a little to close for comfort if you ask me.)

I fell in love  - yep - with trims, tassels and fringe! It seems to satisfy my creative urges for color and versatility.  You can glue it on anything.  We have made great tassels with toppers, keychains, lampshades, purses, pillows, bench covers, kleenex box holders and jewellery.
We now have an armoir full of the stuff and my head constantly whirls with the possibilites.

And yes, I have mastered the glue gun.  I have lived in fear of the thing for years (neurotic) and finally bit the bullet and purchased the "BIG" one.  My cousin Rhoda issued dire warnings about buring down the house with the 'damn thing' (direct quote) but I figured if children can do this so could I.   Also, if you can leave something like that on for two hours how dangerous can it be.

I love that sucker - no really - I do,  Even when I burnt my thumb twice yesterday and had to peel off layers of the glue along with some skin, my glue gun enthusiasm was not dampened.  It  helped me miraculously transform a drab lampshade into a thing of glory within minutes.
I have posted some pictures of a few of our latest creations, along with an ugly wood table I repainted.

We have just posted our latest pandora-style beads onto the site - what beauties. Gorgeous glass beads (lined in sterling) in great colors for the summer - as well as animal prints in browns and blacks.  Of course animal print has no season, they are timeless!!!!! Visit the site to check them out at Just go to Pandoras,  then New Stuff

We will be opening a new ARTFIRE store called OMGdesigns where we will sell the homemade TOTES, tassels, keychains, jewellery etc etc etc.  Look for it soon, as well our original ARTFIRE store where we will be adding new merchandise, especially  yummy pandora-style bracelets.

So that's it for now, hope you enjoy your summer. Please feel free to comment - we love your feedback.


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