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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have moved!

Well, I am happy to say that the move is over and we, and our beads, are safely ensconced in our new home. We have schlepped out the last of the garbage bags and boxes for recycling and almost everything is put away and organized. I probably would have even lost a couple of pounds with the exertion except that people keep buying us chocolates!

The new abode is sunny and bright, and I have found that every speck of dust shows up. Oy - that can be problematic. When you are used to having your bedroom blinds closed all the time (close proximity to creepy neighbours) having a blossoming tree right outside your window is a real treat.

It has also been heartwarming to know that we have so many wonderful friends. The offers of help have been amazing and we feel truly blessed. Special thanks to Pearl and Bill - who actually installed our blinds!

It is taking awhile to know where everything is. The other morning I sprayed TANA Shoe Protector in my hair instead of hair spray! I was so tired that I didn't realize what the smell was! But at least I didn't have to worry when it rained. Maybe they should market that stuff for your hair - it sure beats the frizzies.

Have to go now and finish my breakfast. Keep safe everyone and remember to wash your hands, stay away from anyone who sniffles, and hope that this pandemic is soon over. Like Gilda Radner used to say, "It's always something". Love from Sissy.


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