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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good friends are hard to find and lose, never mind keep! Saturday night was one of those rare times when everything falls into place and you share one of those special “moments” that bind us to one another for a lifetime and beyond. We had spontaneously invited two very old friends from early high school over for the evening. The night was warm, the first of the summer for sitting outside on the balcony. So we each pulled out a chair (generously donated from another good friend) onto the front balcony, and because it is not wide, sat two aside facing each other. We then settled in for a nice gossip. We chatted noisily for a bit, when, whoa, all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a humongous flying object coming right for me. (I realized after finding two wasps in the house in less two weeks that all creatures with wings found out that I had moved to Cote St. Luc). My first instinct was BEE. My next instinct was to run for it. I trampled over my friend the Drama Queen’s feet in the melee, and two others followed. The Brave Friend realized that the object was not going to attack (and could not make it through the door), and stayed outside. Too bad we could not all get through the door at the same time. Everyone knows that after 50 one tends to “spread” a little! When we made it into the house we just sat on the couch and laughed until our tummies ached. Reference was indeed made that it was only a moth. I did not care was species it was, as long as it had wings, it was the enemy. This also applies to butterflies.

After that horrible episode we calmed ourselves with Bubbie Ethel's marble cake with chocolate icing and Heavenly Hash. Need I say more? The evening was one of those memorable ones, that linked us together once again.

Back to business, Karen and I have settled into the new abode and are loving it. We are working hard to catch up with a long list of things we have to do. We just received a new shipment of lampwork and glass beads which are to die for – we just can’t wait to get our hands on them and start creating some fantastic pieces. I see the beads and just want to sit down and make jewelry!

We also love our new "Put it Together Yourself" Desks. Yes, they are still holding up nicely.

Well, enough for now, I just thought I would share my Saturday night with you. Have to go fill up sinks, pails and the bathtub - they are closing our water tomorrow for most of the day. Let's hear from all of you out there with your latest happenings.


Anonymous said...

Good friends are also a delight to "re-find" and I am so grateful! Thanks for the reminder via your latest email.

Anonymous said... one to assume that the Heavenly Hash you referred to is ice cream?????