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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its been a while since I've updated. Lots of happenings at the BeadandSave abode. We have received lots of new merchandise and are keeping busy cataloguing, taking pictures, and updating the site with the stock. We received lots of solid lampwork rondelles and rounds, as well as new bead sets, packages of fabulous lampwork beads, rhinestone rondelles, new Pandi glass beads in great colors and designs, more Pandi bracelets in silver plate and leather, as well as sterling silver troll bracelets. We also have great sterling silver stoppers which take the place of clips, and tiny rubber stoppers which allow you to use as many beads on your bracelets as you want. We will shortly be getting large filigree beads which make wonderful focals on any necklace. We are listening to our customers requests!
Our wide selection of beads are a big hit with our 'in-house' customers and they can spend hours at the store putting together a new piece.
On the home front, I have had a cold since Saturday night, my first in about three years. It hit hard and started off with a bad cough - which should have told me something since I usually end my colds with a cough. My body felt like I had been run over by a truck. Ever vigilant, Gail scoured the house for germs, not letting me touch anything for fear of contamination. She actually made a huge pot of chicken soup - however this was really for insurance in case she got sick too! Happy to report that my cold is on the downside now, but unhappy to report that Gail has it. Of course we are arguing as to whether she caught it from the same ingrate that gave it to me (my side) or whether she caught it from me (her side).
My friend lent me a DRESS for upcoming weddings in August - thanks Jen. I may have been sick but not sick enough to realize that I probably shed a couple of pounds during my period of non-eating, so I thought this would be a good time to try on the cute black number. I put it on over my head and got as far as my chest area. I was trapped. OMG - I was going to die with this dress over my head. Flailing my arms around I came upon a side zipper - phew. I asked Gail to undue the zipper, which she did hastily, catching some of my skin with the zipper. OUCH. OK things looked better now and it made sense how someone could actually wear this dress. So I put it on and started to do up the zipper .... even in my 'stuffed-up head' state I realized that there was no way in hell this zip was going for the gold. I guess that my body shape and stature (D & VS - dumpy and very short) does not make for an easy time finding something to wear. I shall persevere.
Another sighting last night - went into my room and there on the lampshade was a 747 - or a humongous bug with large wings. I immediately: pulled back in fright;
thought how do I kill this thing; called for Gail; realized that she ALWAYS misses and it could fly off and I will then have to search it out for the kill before I could actually sleep. I grabbed a shoe and whacked it hard, thus losing its death grip on the lampshade. I wacked it again on the table top a couple of times and finished it off with a kleenex and a flush. While I am a staunch feminist I do believe that this is really a job for a man. Most of the men I know will not flinch at massacring unwanted visitors (insects not people). I think it is the 'white knight' syndrome.
On a sadder note, a good friend of mine informed me that her daughter, Genevieve who lives in Paris, was in a bad car accident. She was left with a fractured scull and cheekbone and eye damage. They are doing surgery on her, so please include her in your prayers tonight.

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