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Friday, May 15, 2009

How to make a million dollars

OK - so you want to be rich.........PRE-ASSEMBLED FURNITURE. That's the ticket to making money. Remember in the good old days when you bought a piece of furniture and it didn't come in a box that weighed half a ton?
Well Gail and I bought two desks, or should I say two big crates filled with wood and parts, that came on Wednesday. Let me preface this by saying we are not assembly-novices. Oh no. We recently put together a large TV Stand, which if I say so myself, came out pretty darn good. The only problem was that we could not put together the bottom two drawers. This was not our fault - the instructions were wacky and they got their left and right sides mixed up. We didn't need the drawers anyways.
I will give you a tip about assembling large pieces of furniture - construct it in the room where it will live. Let me tell you, it could be difficult getting through a doorway once it has been constructed. OY. At the beginning, Gail did say to put it together in the office but thinking that there was more room in the Beadroom, and it would be easy to transfer since it had a curved bottom, I said no. So after finishing three-quarters of the desk, I thought now would be a good time to move it to the office. We could not get it through the doorway. We tried everything including moving shelves filled with beads to try to get it through the second doorway in the Beadroom leading into the kitchen. That worked, but we couldn't get it through the other kitchen door. Back into the Beadroom and much moving of more furniture we managed to get it out of the Beadroom and on its way to the office. Of course it wouldn't fit through the office doorway. We thought about taking off the door from its hinges but it was painted over. So we took off the top pieces of the desk and pushed it through the doorway. And I mean 'pushed'. We then had to turn the piece over, so - against Gail's many warnings - I grabbed on to the silver bar that would later hold the top of the desk, and used it has a lever. OPS again. The whole bar plus much of the pressed wood as well as the screws attached to it (since it had been bolted down in step 2)came off in my hand. To Gail's credit, she did not say a word and I proceeded to find some craft glue and glued it back together. It didn't look too promising but I left it and we completed the desk.

The second desk assembly went like a charm until it came time to put up the main piece and we discovered that it didn't fit. Time for supper. I pondered this problem while digesting and after supper I loosened up some screws while hoping the whole thing wouldn't fall apart on us. Much grunting and groaning later, we have two completed desks up. The part that I had glued together with craft glue held like a charm and we are off and running.

And who ever moves into this house after us will have two nice desks whether they want them or not.

We have also received a great shipment of beads which are now being processed. As well, we will have a Pandora Gallery and many new jewelry pieces for our Design Gallery. Have a great long holiday weekend for those of you in Canada.

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