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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday morning - again!

So it’s Monday morning – again! For some reason it seems to come around every seven days or so. And to top it off – summer has arrived. That’s good right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sissy and I were honoured to be invited to not one – but two August weddings and we are thrilled. The only downside – fancy dresses. I was lucky enough that somebody donated a wonderful black beaded number. All I have to do is glue the hem and make it a little shorter so I don’t look too dumpy. The main problem, of course, is Sissy and her wedding attire. Let me preface this by saying that the last wedding she went to, after many, many hours and days of shopping around we finally came upon some brown number. I can’t recall if it was a long skirt or a dress (I try to block it out of my mind). But the worst part was the homemade vest that she insisted on sewing herself. Don’t get me wrong, Sissy is a great sewer, but this outfit will indeed be burned into my mind forever!!!

So it is shopping time again. She insists on pants, maybe a tuxedo suit, and I concur that it would be a good choice. Now all we have to do is scour the city to find it within the next two months – and counting down. Needless to say, there will be may fights and arguments over this. There will definitely be a time or two coming up when she will remind me how much time SHE had to spend to find me an appropriate suit to wear to one of my many events – it had to be just right (a jacket short enough so that it did not cover my knees) because I used to have to go up on stage a receive a wonderful bouquet of flowers that I ordered for myself beforehand. Sissy insisted that I looked like my eyes were going to bug out of my head and I stood there like a statue. I remember nothing, except maybe very bright lights.

We are working hard – Sissy entered over 130 new products on the website. I am still taking the damn pictures! What a tedious job but I am almost finished. We received wonderful new lampwork beads and bead sets, as well as Pandies (Pandora-style beads). We also have necklaces and leather bracelets, and rubber and sterling silver stoppers. They are great because you can put as many beads on a bracelet, necklace or bangle and they do not move around.

We are finally creating some wonderful pieces of jewelry out of our wide range of beads. I would say it is the absolute best part of owning a bead company.

Mystery in the household, mystery in the household – Sissy’s lamp broke – but how??? She has a wonderful lamp in her bedroom (we call it the lily lamp because it has sort of petal shapes on the base). The base is white, and it is quite large. The other day she noticed a chip of glass on her table and saw that the lamp was indeed cracked in numerous places. We have to admit that the handyman was here to install the air conditioner in her room the other day, but the lamp was certainly not in the path from the door to the window. I do not want to think that he carried the sucker into the room, veered left fifteen feet, smashed the air conditioner into the lamp, veered right fifteen feet, and continued on his way across the room to the window. – and forgot to mention it!

If anyone can figure out how a large glass lamp just breaks please let us know. Any possible scenarios would certainly be very helpful.

Wait, after reading this, Sissy reminded me that it was indeed a long, skin tight, form-fitting VELVET dress that she had purchased for the wedding. The brown SATIN vest to cover certain body parts was just the "piece de resistance” and added that “I don't know what” to the outfit! Actually, I know exactly what it added but I am not putting it in print!

Well, time to go wash the breakfast dishes and get to work. Just received a big order! For those of you who worry about me and my fear of flying insects – don’t! Bugs are not a problem since I purchased my high voltage bug-killing racket. (see pix) One swing, I make instant contact – and the sucker fries! SSSSSSSSSSizzle!

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Anonymous said...

Re your broken lampshade - Are you sure that you did not do it while trying to kill your 747 bug......or while flailing your arms around trying to get out of the dress. You may have hit it. Just a thought. Boy do I live a dull life after reading yr blogs!