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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disfunctional is only a word

So it is early on Sunday morning. We are getting ready to go out and find me a pair of 'fancy-smancy' shoes. I tried Winners yesterday and only ended up with a pair of brown and pink canvas New Balance shoes, but if I have to I can put a diamond clasp on them and wear them to the weddings. NOT!! Had a wonderful day on Friday - our old neighbours and dear friends W and P came in from Halifax and we got to spend the whole day together. Basically we just ate and talked and ate some more. We love to see them and W is a bead fanatic. P loved our blogs - he says it is amazing how we can turn an ordinary event into a whole story. I figure it is just like Jerry Seinfeld, only he makes up these non-events for comedic purposes while Gail and I are just recounting what actually happened. Unfortunately for us it is all too real. Gail got to use her high-voltage fly-swatter and zapped an in-house invader so she was happy. P, a real outdoors kind of guy was in a state of shock and awe over her adept performance with the 'swatter'.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a busy day which culminated in our friends coming over for supper and a game of cards. We are avid card players - starting at an early age and learning from a master - our Mother. No one took card playing as seriously as she did - she never caught on that the word 'playing' was part of the description. She thought cards was a competitive sport. There was no talking or fooling around with her, and in our much younger days, during the summer months, we were forced to play Canasta with her and her friends whenever they were short of players, which was way too often for our liking.

Supper was a great success and we brought out the cards early on - basically because we were giving ourselves time to digest the food before we started on a delicious blueberry crumb pie and chocolate fury ice cream that Leenie brought over. We play Phase 10 - a simple, no stress game which involves lots of swearing and dirty looks (it those 'skip' cards). Jenny is a card shark while Leenie is new to the game. The game went fairly smoothly until Leenie looked at Gail's cards down on the table and kept yelling at her. Gail was supposed to put down 7 cards of one color which she did. Leenie was going for the same hand and could not understand why Gail's cards weren't in a run as well. That was a complete other hand of the game and Leenie actually put down her cards - all of one color and in a run!!!! It was hilarious and Jenny had to run to the BR (toilette) so she wouldn't wet her pants. (Just another age-related symptom.)

On to the dessert- Yum. We finished off the game with no more incidents and I won by a landslide.

Am off to the post office to mail an order. Wonder what the rest of the day will bring.............

... Had a fun and busy day - sad to say I did not manage to find a suitable pair of shoes. No thanks to sissy who kept giving the salesmen looks behind my back (she thought I didn't know - but ha ha , the sales guys were laughing at me just a bit too much). Even without my sockettes the damn shoes didn't fit, and no way in hell was I going to spend a lot of money on shoes that had to be stretched just so I could I wear them. The guy even said it would only be for a few hours and I can take them off under the table. Boy are times tough out there. On the bright side, we received a dinner invitation while on the hunt, and then had to rush home after a call that a customer was on the way.

Had a wonderful supper and evening and I will leave you with an observation of mine.
There are many more females that read our blog then members of the male persuasion, and I am at a loss as to why this is.
Is blogging a feminine past time? Maybe if we post some porno on the site it will greatly increase the male readership! I wonder if they have beads with breasts appliqued on them instead of flowers?


The Beading Gem said...

Most beaders are female so that's why your readership is mostly XX!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the rumole games in the summer with your family ...
Now I spend my summer vacation in Osoyoos playing crib... Bena