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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Headline: Woman Injured Scooping Ice Cream !

Of course that would be me. There I was trying to scoop out some really frozen Chocolate Fury with a little spoon, and I had to get it out really fast because I hate melted ice cream. Owwwww. I was pressing so hard on the spoon that I really injured my middle finger – yes, the one that I use to gesture with. Today my finger is very red, stiff and swollen. I am thinking of suing Breyers, maybe even starting a class action. I bet there are plenty of people out there who have experienced the same injury. This experience has made me a little cranky…

Before I forget – what’s up with those Tilley hats? Is it me or do they look a little funny? Maybe its the brim, or the holes with rivets.

For some reason I have the funeral parlour website listed on My Favourites. When did I develop this obsession to check out who died every hour and a half?

Is it my imagination or is there much less tissue in a roll of toilet paper these days? I think I should buy stock since it is the one item that nobody can cut down on.

Unfortunately, more bug incidents to report. Oh my, it has certainly been a bad week! Only a couple of nights ago, while reading in bed, I noticed a huge black bug with wings heading right for me. (They all do). I did a complete 180 turn in bed (so fast I almost lost consciousness) and ran out of the room, while keeping my eyes on the monster. I called for Sissy “Come quick, there’s a bug!” Sissy immediately jumped out of bed, put on some clothing and yelled “Grab the Windex, grab the Windex”. Of course I immediately ran to the kitchen in a panic and grabbed the High Voltage Bug Zapper and the fly swatter before I got the Windex. Armed to the teeth and ready to do battle, I entered the arena. Karen was already there and I handed her the spray. She immediately went into action and soaked the area where the bug was supposedly hiding. It was a fight to the finish. I did not stand idly by, I pushed each cushion on the floor out of the way, one by one, in case IT was there. Finally, under the last cushion there IT was. Die Bug Die! And IT did, thanks to Sissy with her quick thinking and fast arm. Her lightening action saved me from having to sleep on the pull - out sofa in the living room.

Just last night we spotted what appeared to be a slow flying wasp in the living room while watching television. It either wanted to watch Two and a Half Men or it wanted our blood. Sissy, while talking on the phone, was again called into combat. With Windex in hand she sprayed and sprayed until it went and took cover inside the radiator. Most likely it was planning another attack when we least expect it, probably in January. Oh, and how can I forget that huge black earwig lying in wait on the bathroom ceiling. Of course I only noticed it while I was in the tub. I can move pretty quick for an old broad. Sissy had to perform her magic once again. Even before I had a chance to recover from the two Bug Episodes, Sissy called ME into action – two flies in her bedroom! Yikes, what was going on??? The HVBZ was quickly put into use. Where were all these bugs coming from? We quickly tore up towels to plug up possible areas around the air conditioner, and needless to say I slept with the door closed just in case.

Unfortunately the Great Canadian Shoe Hunt for Sissy has so far been unsuccessful, and time is quickly running out. If I hear “I have no heels” when she is trying on shoes one more time I might beat her to death with a pair of high heels.

Score one for women everywhere! Power to the Shopper! Last week I was shopping at the Bay in one of their many clothing boutiques, scouring the 70% off rack. Naturally, a top fell off the hanger and I put it back on. Two seconds later another item fell off its hanger onto the floor. I realized that there was no way that this sweater was EVER going to stay put so I picked it up and placed it over the rack. A minute later a saleslady, with a telephone stuck to her ear, came over and asked if she could help me. I said “No thank you, I am fine”. She said “Then why are you throwing the clothes on the floor?” Excusssse me? I told her that “I did not throw the sweater on the floor, but only picked it up off the floor and put it on the rack.” She then walked away and continued her phone conversation.

After trying on a couple of items, we left the boutique and wandered around the store. I was still stewing - and I was mad. As we made our way back to the entrance I told Sissy that I was not happy and was going to tell that sales person exactly that. Sissy was a little shocked – can a shopper actually do this - confront the sales person who talks back, insults you and treats you like dirt? Yes we can!!! I trotted right up her (she finally finished talking on the phone) and said “Excuse me, but I have to tell you that I was extremely insulted by your accusation that I was throwing the clothes on the floor, when I was actually picking them up.” “The woman actually apologized. Of course I couldn’t stop myself from adding, “And, if you were not on the phone, you could have picked it up yourself, which is part of your job in the first place!” Ohh, she didn’t like that part at all, She shouted out “Well who is insulting now”. I walked away as she fumed, telling Sissy that “we do not have to take this garbage any longer”. Score one for the shopper!

Business wise, we have been really busy, and Beadandsave Enterprises Inc continues to grow. I have posted some of our creations that were designed with beads from our vast selection. We received more glass beads, really nice tubes and bicones in black, grey, white and tan, as well as sterling silver toggles and crimps. We are in the process of putting together Pandora-style bracelets, necklaces and accessories and will start selling them to stores very shortly. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, setting up for home sales, marketing the web site, setting up jewellery workshops, and getting out there selling our wares. Wish us luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

I found out about Bead and Save yesterday, and read your blog today. I laughed myself silly! So nice to have a touch of Canadian humour along with the beads. So you've got obituaries on your Favorites site. Hmmm. You're very strange. I am a large old Canadian lady in my golden years (stupid phrase) and a beginner beader. That said I bead with vigour. Talent, not so much. I compliment you both on the design of your beading site and the variety of items offered. I will definitely be putting in an order shortly. Keep on being witty and living large.