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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Rain rain Go Away! Seriously, if it doesn’t stop peeing from the clouds I am going to loose my Raisin Bran. Enough already! As the late MJ liked to say “Just Beat It". As I gaze out my second story window I see another blond in short black exercise pants and almost no top performing her daily constitutional. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but when I go for a walk I do not like to draw attention to my skinny legs so I opt for sweats. (Sorry if it sounds like sour grapes!). Shorts and dresses are simply not an option because of my ever-growing rash on the front of one leg. I figure if I let it go another couple of months it could reach my thigh. Time to try another cream! Now that I got that off my falling chests (the question is how far can they really fall? Since I am pretty short, does that mean I will have to kick them in front of me as I walk? Maybe I will just staple them to my waist, but I digress).

Wonderful news on the wedding front – Sissy found an outfit – and all in one store in one afternoon! Of course it is your basic black. It’s a great pair of dressy pants and a silk cammi. Now all we need to unearth for her is a pair of fancy shmancy shoes. Not easy since Sissy has no heels to speak of and lets face it, orthodics are not alluring. We might be getting into a time crunch here because we also have to get her pants shortened, which will be only after she finds those elusive shoes. And let us not forget myself, I have to have my (donated) beautiful black beaded dress shortened and taken in from the back. Apparently this procedure will give me a shape and make me appear taller than my 4 feet 10 inches (and still shrinking). Personally, I would be much happier if my stomach did not protrude out. Jennipoo informed us about this miracle garment called “Spanx” which starts at your chest and works it way down. Just where does all the excess fat go – up to your brain? Anyways, this garment sounds a little painful to somebody who won’t put on a pair of pants without an elastic waist.

This past Friday we took our brother sailing at the Point Claire Yacht Club. There is a wonderful program for physically challenged individuals of all ages which allow them to sail a boat. We discovered the program last year and it is just fantastic. There are three special boats which cannot tip or sink (thank goodness). The person is placed in the boat and escorted by a sailor who takes them out on the lake for an hour and a half. Except for getting a little too much sun on his head, the outing was a great success! I posted some pictures of his adventure for you to enjoy.

Now to the important stuff - we received wonderful metal and silver plated filigree beads this past week, so I spent time labelling and packaging. They are great to use as a focal. We also received sassy coloured rhinestones which look fantastic with lampwork beads – they just give the piece of jewellery that extra punch. We love incorporating them into our designs. Sissy and I are also putting together gorgeous Pandi necklaces, bracelets and accessories. The bracelets come in all sizes and can even fit children and teens. They make wonderful gifts. We will be putting our beads and finished jewellery onto Artfire and Etsy, so we will keep you posted. We walked into a bead store yesterday wearing our jewellery and all three sales people wanted our cards. They loved our beads, and really, no one in the city carries such a diverse selection of lampwork beads.

Well, we would love to hear from all of you, so let us know how you like our blog and what is happening around your way.


Anonymous said...

Once again, you have managed to make me laugh out loud while I am alone at home! Maybe we should try to get boob kicking recognized as a sport for the Rapidly Aging Olympics. I have no recollection of signing up for Migrating Body Parts but, I also have no recollection. Period. Sighhhh

The photos are great and the beads usual. Thanks, ladies - you made my day!

JennyBWilde xoxo

The Beading Gem said...

That's the funniest line I've read about Spanx! Your lampwork beads are just gorgeous by the way.