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Monday, August 3, 2009

She's a Sugar Freak, Sugar Freak!

Here I am on my hands and knees peering intently under my desk at 7:15 a.m. and what am I looking for? A plumb, juicy SUGAR coated raisin. No getting away from it, I am definitely a sugar freak. Yep, I eat it right out of the bag, especially the yummy brown kind! There is just something about that melt in your mouth sweetness that is irresistible, not to mention highly addictive. Candy, cake, ice cream - you name it, if it’s sweet, I like it! It is never too early to consume sugar. Why, there is not a lot that can beat chocolates at 9 a.m. in the morning. And really, what is better than chocolate chip cookies, made with four kinds of chocolate, right out of the oven – well, not too much! Maybe if Sissy could find a pair of shoes, it would rank right up there!

One thing I have noticed as I gracefully age – if I sit on the floor I can’t get up. Getting out of the tub is also not for the faint of heart! I carefully grab onto the tap with one hand and the soap dish with the other and as I slowly heave myself up I pray I don’t fracture a hip! I am sure it won’t take much since it is already extremely weak, what with the osteoporosis and all.

The wedding events are looming closer – and still no shoes! No heels, no shoes – notice a pattern? I am all set except for the pair of black sheer stockings with lycra that I was instructed to purchase. I guess lycra is good, holds in what you don’t want sticking out, but I always find it a little restrictive. I find as I age I tend to strive for extreme comfort rather than beauty. Lycra is also good because I have skinny legs (stick ankles) and apparently they won’t bag up on me, which I guess really is not too attractive when you are wearing a black beaded dress! But it’s got to better than Spanx. I will post pictures of the twin dollies all dressed up onto the site after the event. I will most definitely take a close up of Sissy in her formal attire with her feet in the Baby Janes. Unfortunately, Sissy does not care, she has given up the hunt. Our friend Caryl is scouring her closet, as well as her daughters’ to see if she can find the perfect shoe, or at least something more suitable than what Sissy is planning to wear. But wait – all is not lost – our friend BB has located a brand new pair of Italian (no less!) black and white pumps that just might do the trick.

It is Sunday morning as I write this and I am trying to find ways to advertise We received yet another order of beads, mostly black and white glass in different shapes and sizes. The picture is at the bottom. Black and white, a staple in any wardrobe, is also a staple to any bead designer. The beads are already on the site, so if you are interested, they are Code No. 000912 through 000922.

I am also including pictures of some lovely Pandora-style bracelets and necklaces that we have just completed. They are for sale, and they make great gifts. The beauty of Pandora-style jewellery is the fact that you can easily change the beads, giving your piece a whole new look. Beadandsave carries a large variety of Pandora-style bracelets, bangles, necklaces, key chains and cell phone straps. The necklaces are 40 – 48 cm in length, the bracelets start at 15 cm and will fit children and teens. For those of you who would like to create your own jewellery, sells Pandora-style beads individually, and will shortly be selling Pandi-Paks as well.

Bead and Save has donated a lovely pink, white and black bead set (Code No. 00875) as a give-away ton the Beading Gem's Journal site and is happy to report that there was an overwhelming response. Over 55 comments so far with regards to the website, our beautiful beads and the site – and all favourable! It even got CrankyPants to start beading again!

If you would like to read some of the comments you can go to and scroll down until you come to the gorgeous necklace. You can also add a comment if you like.

What’s this! I have just tried on a pair of long denim shorts that Sissy has deemed too small for her. Unfortunately, when I tried them on it looked like I had “full pants” Definitely not the look I am going for at the moment.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their support, it is really important to us. Don’t forget to visit us often and tell all your friends about our site - and our blog!


Anonymous said...

Love the pandies. I must make something soon with the ones I bought a few months ago. I made a few necklaces with the lampwork beads I bought last month. Love them!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pandies! Really nice. I completed my yellow and white necklace and used the filligree focal bead and it came out nice. I was amazed to see that you also designed a yellow lampwork necklace with the same filligree focal bead. It's beautiful.