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Saturday, August 15, 2009


O.K. Sissy is hemming her beautiful fancy pants as I type. Yesterday, as she was trying on her outfit, she came and asked me if her shoes were o.k. And can I notice that her shoe had a hole in it at the top where her big toe pushed through it. (Let’s not go there!!!) After all she was making the pants as long as possible. What could I say? I knew, because I accompanied her to every shoe store in the city, that she could not find a pair of shoes to fit her and her non-existent heels. I knew, because every pair of shoes she tried on hurt her back. I knew, because every pair of shoes that had a heel of more than one inch “threw her off balance”. What could I say? “Damn it – YES – I see that hole! You would have to be blind not to, especially when you pointed it out. Anyway, we have ONE more store that might be a possibility (Please God) and then that’s it. My theory is – for goodness sake, it is only six hours. You’ll take them off when you are sitting. I even showed her gold sneakers. But no go. The wedding is next Sunday and it looks like those Mary Janes have won. It was a long, hard battle and I know in my heart that it was indeed a valiant effort on my part. She’s still breathing isn’t she?

It’s been a busy week at Bead and Save Enterprises Inc. We received another order of beautiful Pandora style beads. If you are interested the Code Nos. are from PSP0235 – PSS0254. The baby pink freshwater pearl bead is especially pretty. Take a peak at the site, They will be there by Monday morning for sure. I have been taking pictures like a mad woman and Karen has been busy entering every new product on the site. We put together beautiful bead sets and jewellery which will be on Artfire and Etsy very shortly. We will let you know as soon as we get those sites up and running. For those of you not familiar with the sites, they specialize in everything handmade. Take a peek, they are really great.

My question of the week concerns a very serious issue – hard fruit! Is it only me or have you noticed that most fruit that you buy, like peaches, plums and nectarines, are hard like rocks for a week or more, then turn to mush when you bite into them? If anyone can explain the reason for this I would seriously like to know. It is like throwing away your money, literally. And they fool you, because it actually looks like real fruit. You buy the fruit, you leave it on the counter. You glance at it every day. You pick it up and feel it, you poke it with your finger. Nope, still hard like a rock. Around the end of the second week you decide, enough is enough! You bravely pick up one that has a tiny soft spot and bite into it. Yech! You spit it out because it is rotten. You turn it around, thinking maybe you can salvage another bite. But no, it is totally uneatable! Not only that, any fruit that can be eaten actually has no taste! How do they do that?

My theory is they pump it with some sort of chemical so that the fruit will last from the time they harvest it in some foreign country you can’t pronounce, until they pack it, ship it by truck, train, plane or rail, leave it on the docks for a least week, deliver it to the store and you unwittingly buy it.

Really, the only way you can get a taste of real fruit is to eat Jello!

And another serious issue – how stupid do you feel talking to a computer, yelling English, English. Those things are actually programmed so that they do not understand yelling! “I am sorry but I did not understand – did you say English?” So I yell “English!” “O.K. you said English” By this time I am so disgusted that I hang up and have to start all over. I would much rather talk to a surly, rude human than a computer any day. You can scream at a human.

So that’s about it for my complaining this round. I will definitely keep you informed on the shoe problem and because “seeing is definitely believing”, I will post some pictures of the twins in all their finery. I will practice posing so I do not look a dork and will make sure Sissy does not take a picture too close up so that every wrinkle shows!

We are finally getting summer weather, it’s stifling out there. So enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

Truly, we don't care if you come barefoot! Just knowing that the twin sisters (friends, confidants, and unrelated Aunties) are with us to celebrate at the wedding, fills us with happiness. Your smiles and witty charm will distract even the most exacting of the fashion police, none of whom are invited to attend. If any do manage to sneak in, you can always use any lycra garments as a slingshot and bombard them with heel-less shoes!! Hmmmmm......does this mean that Sissy is not well-heeled????

With love,
Mama of the Bride

P.S. Please post photos of the stunningly beautiful necklaces you both made to wear with your outfits.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shoe hunt! I haven't came by to your place to see those lovely beads but I will maybe sometime next week. Too busy these days. Advise on the fruit shopping ... try to buy local Quebec produce it may be better.

Take care ladies,