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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Could have Eaten All Night, I Could have Eaten All Night, and Still have Begged for More...

I could have eaten all night, I could have eaten all night, and still have begged for more!

I know everyone is waiting to hear about the weddings! And the shoes! Lets go for the shoes first – Sissy’s were fine, mine hurt like he - - double hockey sticks! As you can see by the pictures we were all dolled up (for us anyway). Both weddings were beautiful, and very different. We have posted pictures of us dressed for the events, and as, promised – the shoes!

The first affair was the wedding of the daughter of a very good friend. The wedding party danced and twirled down the aisle to an upbeat song (I forget what). The groomsmen wore tuxes and sneakers, which were a special brand the groom favored. Everything was truly beautiful. The room where we dined was spectacular, the table settings and flowers gorgeous.

The second wedding was more traditional, it had the flower girl throwing petals, accompanied by a sweet little red-headed boy who looked terrified. Of course, the flower girl had to high-tail it back to her parents at the back of the hall during the ceremony. The dining area was white, chairs covered in white and white billowing curtains covering the walls. The centerpieces were large crystal vases filled with pink and purple flowers.

At the second affair, while we were eating the main course at 10:30 p.m. it did not escape my notice that I am usually in bed at this time. The sweet table was only set-up around 11 p.m. but pictures and videos of each cake and piece of fruit had to be taken before guests could partake of the goodies. I circled the table and of course I was instantly attracted to a three-colored chocolate mousse cake. Should I – shouldn’t I – what should I do? I could eat it and then get a sugar/chocolate double rush and be up all night. I could take a chance and scoff it down now and maybe fall asleep before the caffeine kicks in. What do you think I did!!!

Some of the outfits the ladies and youngsters wore were simply stunning. And of course, decked out in 6 inch heels, both Sissy and I felt like midgets. We never feel comfortable in crowds and there were times when all we could see were legs.

Getting back to us twinnies, Sissy looked quite stunning in her black pants, sequined jacket and low-cut camisole. Apparently too low cut since the tatas were very much out there! Definitely a wardrobe malfunction! An adjustment had to be made for the second event and the too-sexy top was traded in for a more modest one that Sissy felt a lot more secure in, as did her tatas. Who said you can’t pick up new words from TV – Clinton uses that word all the time, and Stacey refers to them as “the Girls”! But one thing they both agree on – “they must be locked and loaded!

I on the other hand felt pretty comfortable in my black beaded dress; and I was also wearing Sissy’s beautiful black shawl to keep me warm. Unfortunately, I noticed that towards the end of the evening of the second affair the shoulders kept slipping down my arms. Yikes! When I got home I saw that the back zipper was already one-third down. I refuse to think about whether or not I was walking around at a black-tie affair with my dress halfway undone throughout the night because I would have to throw up.

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Donna said...

Looks like you have your outfits for formal night on your next cruise!